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This weeks show features stories from RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and SPUTNIK RADIO.

From GERMANY- The federal government in Spain imposed elections in the Catalan region last week. This followed the dissolution of parliament in October, after the voters in the region favored independence. Those politicians supporting independence won a slim majority in this election, though the leaders of the parties are either in exile or jail. This reporting from Germany, since Spanish radio is on vacation, points out that the election did not actually resolve anything other than that the majority of Catalonians still favor self-rule and do not like the Prime Minister Rajoy. Creating coalitions in parliament will be difficult and if not completed by March will lead to new snap elections.

From CUBA- In Honduras there is criticism that the victory of the incumbent president, in a highly disputed election count, was imposed by the US. Following a near impeachment, the president of Peru pardoned former president Fujimori- this has led to street protests claiming that the impeachment was blocked as a deal for the pardoning of Fujimori’s human rights crimes. Palestine has strongly condemned Guatemala for announcing that it will follow the US lead and move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. Venezuela expelled diplomats from Canada and Brazil for meddling in domestic politics.

From RUSSIA- George Galloway interviewed journalist Calvin Tucker who was one of many observers of the latest election in Venezuela. The incumbents remained in office in an election process that was praised for its transparency. American and some European press report that the citizens are very unhappy with the government under Maduro, claiming that the majority support the opposition. Maduro, like Hugo Chavez before him, is often presented in the American press as a dictator, something the majority of Venezuelans disagree with.

"As Galileo said, the movement always accelerates when it is going to stop."
--Mariano Rajoy