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From GERMANY- Several British politicians demanded that Trump's visit be revoked after he retweeted a series of inflammatory anti-Muslim videos. Early results from Honduras showed the leftist candidate leading the presidential race, and Cuban President Raul Castro announced that he will step down in February. RDW covered the EU vote on the use of glyphosate in depth- Germany has traditionally abstained from the vote because so many citizens oppose the pesticide used in Roundup. But in a surprise move this week the German representatives voted in favor of a five year license for its use in the EU. French President Macron said that his country will continue its ban on the weedkiller associated with cancer and environmental damage by the WHO.

From SPAIN- Alison Hughes begins with a report on an editorial in a Barcelona newspaper- the writer is not a fan of the separatist movement in Catalonia, but points out that now exiled President Puigdemont was seeking international mediation at the end of the campaign- and while 3 respected leaders in Europe offered to step in, but were refused by PM Rajoy and the Spanish king. Then some stories about the rise of the ultra right in Spain, which has been stimulated by the separatist movement leading to violence and threats of violence against politicians, who find themselves unprotected by police. Top defense officials from 40 Muslim nations met in Saudi Arabia to develop the Islamic Military Counter-Terrorism Alliance, or the so-called the Sunni Muslim NATO. The recent massacre of 300 in Egypt is strengthening the alliance, which offers shared resources to combat militants. Notably Iraq, Iran, and Syria, as non-Sunni nations, are not part of this coalition.

From JAPAN- First a report on the ballistic missile fired by North Korea this week which is possibly capable of reaching North America. Japanese PM Abe and Trump spoke and agreed to raise the pressure on North Korea. The UN Conference on Nuclear Disarmament opened in Hiroshima, with 12 nations attending- a major goal is to stop the current arms race. This report is followed by an Insight on the conference.

"Although September 11 was horrible, it didn't threaten the survival of the human race, like nuclear weapons do."
--Stephen Hawking