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This weeks show features stories from NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN, RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE, and FRANCE 24

From JAPAN- President Biden met with President Xi Jinping at the APEC conference in San Francisco, agreeing to keeping lines of communication open, start discussions on AI, and to crack down on the trade in Fentanyl- Biden added that the US is committed to the One China policy, Xi told Biden to stop arming Taiwan. Iran dismissed allegations of involvement in attacks on the US military stationed in Syria and Iraq. The Washington Post reported that the Ukrainian military played a key role in blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline last year.

From GERMANY- An interview with Omer Bartov, professor of holocaust and genocide studies at Brown University. Omer discusses what genocide is, and whether the world is witnessing the first stages of genocide and crimes against humanity on the part of the IDF and Hamas fighters now. He also rejects the notion that criticizing or protesting against the Israeli government is a form of anti-semitism.

From FRANCE- An edition of Perspective, with Dutch citizen Dr. Lex Takkenberg, the senior advisor on the Question of Palestine at the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development. He talks about the protection hospitals are supposed to receive under international law. He says there is no credible evidence that the hospitals in Gaza have been used as military headquarters for Hamas. And that the purpose of the Israeli attacks on their hospitals is to cause panic and in effect a forced displacement of 1.5 million Palestinians. Then press reviews on the return to British politics of David Cameron, just appointed Foreign Secretary by PM Sunak, and the Israeli attacks on Palestinian hospitals.

"What I really learned in the army was how to be a pacifist."
--Utah Phillips