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This weeks show features stories from FRANCE 24 and RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE.

From FRANCE- First a one day strike by women in Iceland over gender inequality, including the Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir. There have been many protests across the world against the war in Palestine- the list includes many Arab countries where protests are usually not tolerated. The war is centered in the Gaza Strip, but many Israeli settlers and police have joined in attacking Palestinians and destroying their properties in the West Bank. France 24 has a program called Perspective- this week it was an interview with Sari Bashi, human rights director of Human Rights Watch- she talks about the death tolls of infants in the Gaza Strip, the impossibility of the demand that Palestinians in the north head south, and that the horrific war crime by Hamas do not justify Israeli war crimes. Sari also points out that preventing food and fuel deliveries is collective punishment and that deliveries would be supervised by the UN. Then a business report on the benefits the arms manufacturers have reaped from the wars, and threats of wars, spreading across the planet.

From GERMANY- The largest state run gas company in Ukraine is called Naftogaz, and Oleksiy Chernyshov is the CEO. He is interviewed about the Russian gas that is still being supplied to Europe through pipelines in Ukraine, and how he envisions Ukraine will become the energy hub for Europe eventually. In Berlin there were rallies supporting Israel in the war, with pro-Palestinian marches across the country being banned and broken up by police. UN Secretary General Guterres is facing heavy criticism for remarks he made about the war in Palestine- the Israeli ambassador to the UN called for Guterres to resign.

"The texture of the fabric of socially shared hallucinations is what we call reality, and our collusive madness is what we call sanity."
--R.D. Laing