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This weeks show features stories from RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE, FRANCE 24, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and NHK JAPAN.

From GERMANY- Just this morning British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced her resignation. The act had been speculated for a few days but it is still stunning and her six week reign is the shortest in UK history. A British analyst explains the situation.

From FRANCE- First a report on the protests and strikes across France on Tuesday that saw tens of thousands of citizens demanding that the government deal with inflation. Then an interview with the Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar. She discusses whether we are in a World War, a demand for a cessation of military hostilities, how climate change has destroyed much of her country, international aggressiveness, and how China is not seen as a threat to its neighbors.

From CUBA- The Pakistani government summoned the US ambassador for an official protest of Joe Biden's remarks on Pakistans nuclear weapons. Bolivian President Luis Arce has called for unity to stop right-wing coup plotters seeking to destabilize the country. Rescue operations continue in Venezuela in the region destroyed by a landslide after days of extreme rainfall. A new US report warns that 69% of tracked animal species have declined since 1970.

From JAPAN- Mayors from across the globe spent two days in Hiroshima discussing peace and ways to persuade governments to abandon nuclear weapons. South Korean and US military troops are doing ground drills, while the North fired more missiles as a counter measure. The protests in Iran over the death of Masha Amini in police custody continue after a month, with over a hundred Iranian citizens killed in clashes.

"Remember this: Even if you win the rat race, you're still a rat."
--Howard Zinn