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This weeks show features stories from SPANISH NATIONAL RADIO, RADIO HAVANA, and NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN.

From SPAIN- Alison Hughes produced 2 Panoramas on the separatist referendum in Catalonia. The first covered the lead up to and the election day, which saw thousands of civilians beaten by national police forces. Over 800 citizens required medical attention for attempting to choose to break away from the nation of Spain. The images of brutality were shocking, and international opinion was critical. The unofficial polls resulted in 90% wanting to form an independent country. The Prime Minister Rajoy dismissed the results saying that there was no election. The King delivered his first ever televised crisis message, blaming Catalonians for the troubles, and implying that the central government would take over control of the region.

From JAPAN- Japanese nuclear regulators are moving to allow TEPCO, the company which owns the Fukushima plant, to restart a different nuclear power plant- these reactors are the same type that melted down at Fukushima. The governor of the prefecture where the reactors are says he wants to wait until the full report on Fukushima is delivered, which is said to be 3 or 4 years away. US Defense Secretary Mattis claimed that Trump's approach to North Korea is consistent, and that there will be no dialogue with the north. A senior official of the CIA has said that the North Korean leader is rational and does not want a war, only the US out of South Korea. In Syria, more than 3000 people, including 955 civilians, were killed in September, the most this year. The US administration expelled 15 Cuban diplomats in response to claims that US embassy staff in Cuba has been subject to sonic attacks causing health problems.

From CUBA- Cuban authorities offered relief to the people of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the hurricane- after 2 weeks the US has still not responded. Trump visited Puerto Rico where he has received much criticism for delays in getting relief to the US territory. Brazilian President Temer is down to a 3% popularity rating, the lowest since the dictatorship ended in 1985. Israeli PM Netanyahu has promised to build more settlements in the heart of the occupied West Bank, defying international condemnation.

"Who is the dictator? Mariano Rajoy has chosen blood, sticks, blows, and repression against a noble people. Our hand goes out to the people of Catalonia. Resist, Catalonia! Latin America admires you."
--Nicolas Maduro