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This weeks show features stories from NHK JAPAN, GEORGE GALLOWAY, and RADIO HAVANA CUBA.

From JAPAN- The leaders of Japan and South Korea met on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, agreeing on three-way cooperation between themselves and the US. The new Japanese PM Kishida called for nuclear weapon testing to be abolished as presented in the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Germany is sending fighter jets to Japan for drills in Japanese airspace. US and Canadian naval war ships made a provocative pass through the Taiwan Strait. Moscow backed separatists in four regions of Ukraine are holding referendums on joining Russia.

From GEORGE GALLOWAY- George Galloways Mother Of All Talk Shows. His guest Pulitzer Prize winning American author Chris Hedges. They discuss a report in Newsweek magazine that 90% of the world is not with the US in the war in Ukraine, the financial catastrophe citizens in the West are facing because of the war, the shift to the far-right in some European nations, and what Chris calls the bankruptcy of the liberals.

From CUBA- Colombian President Petro announced an informal dialogue with the dissidents of FARC in a search for peace with the rebels. The UN World Food Program says there is a global food emergency. Pharmaceutical companies in the US are abusing the US patent system to prolong their unprecedented profits. A Syrian envoy to the UN has urged the community to compel Israel to join the treaty on the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, and allow inspections of its nuclear facilities by the IAEA. The family of murdered Palestinian-American journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, has submitted a complaint to the International Criminal Court to demand justice for her killing.

"Human beings can be redeemed. Empires cannot. Our refusal to face the truth about empire, our refusal to defy the multitudinous crimes and atrocities of empire, has brought about the nightmare Malcolm predicted. And as the Digital Age and our post-literate society implant a terrifying historical amnesia, these crimes are erased as swiftly as they are committed."
--Chris Hedges