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This weeks show features stories from SPUTNIK RADIO, NHK JAPAN, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE.

From RUSSIA- On his program called Going Underground Afshin Rattansi interviewed retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell. They discuss 9/11, the military-industrial complex and its desire for endless war which in part fueled the expansion of NATO, how 9/11 can be laid at the feet of Saudi Arabia which he considers the biggest state sponsor of terrorism, and Biden's executive orders to declassify 9/11 documents.

From CUBA- More on the profits made by weapon manufacturers and military contractors after 9/11. A Viewpoint on the US prison at Guantanamo Naval Base, still in operation 9 years after Obama pledged to shut it down. 17 Latin American countries are meeting in Mexico to discuss the future of the OAS, which most countries want to replace.

From JAPAN- The UN Sec General Guterres says it is time to end the war on our planet and the wars on each other, and focus on the pandemic and climate change. In Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi was back in court after two months of not being seen in public- a recent call by pro-democracy forces to push back against the military junta has resulted in many deaths. North and South Korea both launched missiles this week, further increasing tensions in the region.

From GERMANY- The US, Australia, and the UK are forming a new military alliance for the Indo-Pacific region to increase pressure on China, which called the action Cold War mentality. A German warship was rejected from a Chinese port, Putin met with the Syrian president, and carbon emissions are back at pre-pandemic levels. The left won elections in Norway, campaigning on climate responsibility, though the country is very dependent on oil and gas revenues. The Taliban thanked the world for pledging $1 billion in emergency aid.

"Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness."
--Alejandro Jodorowsky