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This weeks show features stories from FRANCE 24, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and NHK JAPAN.

From FRANCE- The energy crisis and soaring prices are affecting people in Europe, leading to protests in most countries. Oil, gas , and electricity suppliers are reaping huge profits while governments are drawing up relief programs. Many citizens want the excess profits taxed, some countries just want energy prices capped. Germany is planning a $95 billion euro relief package to help with the cost of living. In Brazil, at the celebration of 200 years of independence from Portugal, President Bolsonaro turned the festivities into a massive campaign event a month before elections. Chilean voters rejected a new constitution which would have given rights to the indigenous, equality to women, and increase social welfare- those opposed rejected the changes as an attempt by communists to take over the country.

From CUBA- More on the electoral rejection of a constitutional reform in Chile. The Venezuelan Foreign Minister reported that the US wants to reestablish relations with his country, but that they insist on continuing the sanctions that have crippled his country. The Israeli military investigation of the assassination of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh concluded that there was a high possibility that bullet was fired by one of their soldiers, but that they will not launch a criminal enquiry. China has condemned the US National Security Agency for carrying out tens of thousands of cyber attacks and stealing volumes of sensitive data, primarily aeronautic and space research.

From JAPAN- China condemned US plans to sell more military equipment to Taiwan. 8 US Congressional lawmakers are in Taiwan, the 6th US delegation since Pelosi went in August. The investigation into ties between Japanese politicians and the church formerly known as the Unification Church or moonies revealed that half of the ruling party members have had contact. Putin said that Russia is economically unscathed by the invasion of Ukraine. The IAEA inspectors say that the situation at the Ukrainian nuclear power plant is grave, but will not say who is responsible for the shelling of the facility which is occupied by Russian troops.

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