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This weeks show features stories from GERMANY, NHK JAPAN, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and RUSSIA.

From GERMANY- A Swiss solar electric panel producer has announced an improvement in efficiency and will enlarge its output now, hopefully bringing solar manufacturing back to Europe. Berlin is having climate protests in the streets this week, as the climate caused wildfires in the Mediterranean region now include France. Severe flooding is occurring in eastern Russia as well as Haiti where the earthquake death toll reached 2100. Brief covid reports from Iran, Malaysia, and Israel. The WHO says that vaccine booster shots are less important than getting shots to the vulnerable in other countries. An update on the pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong.

From JAPAN- China conducted air and naval drills near Taiwan in response to US military activity. Covid infections continue to increase in Japan, while citizens in Thailand protested government slow action on getting vaccines. Unprecedented heavy rains continue to batter Japan- just a note, 1000 mm is about 33 inches.

From CUBA- Venezuela called on the US, Canada, and the EU to cease the economic stress of imposed sanctions. Experts in Bolivia determined that the political events in Sept 2019 constituted a coup against Evo Morales. Then a Viewpoint on the chaos in Afghanistan as the Taliban rapidly returned to power.

From RUSSIA- On his weekly program George Galloway spoke with Joe Emersberger, respected Canadian journalist. They discuss the 4 theaters of conflict the US is currently involved in- Latin America, Russia, China, and Iran. They talk about the global financial influence of China, and how the US utilization of Canada has changed since 2004.

"I say openly that I am an anti-war person, with the point being, show me some reason not to be against this war. You have to be sort of asleep at the switch not to be critical of it. And the parallel between one quagmire we went through in Vietnam and the one we're in now is clear for everybody to see."
--Seymour Hersh