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This weeks show features stories from NHK JAPAN, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, GERMANY, and RUSSIA.

From JAPAN- On the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing people commemorated the catastrophe and the mayor insisted on joining the new UN treaty on non-proliferation. A Japanese team reported that China led the world in quality of research papers on natural science. Covid infections continue to increase across Japan at an alarming rate- new treatments for Covid are being tested in both Japan and through the WHO around the world.

From CUBA- Brazilian President Bolsonaro presided over a military parade outside his palace, reminiscent of the military dictatorship in the country from 1964-1985. An indigenous organization in Brazil has asked the ICC to investigate Bolsonaro for genocide and ecocide. A new study in the journal Nature finds human activity could soon cause a devastating change in the Atlantic Ocean currents and sea level.

From GERMANY- There were many stories following the release of the IPCC report on human impacts on the global climate. The UN Secretary General described it as code red, since the report says human activity is absolutely causing the heat waves and flooding, and that immediate action is required. We will hear from two of the reports authors. A longer story I do not have time to air was about the fact that the world militaries carbon footprints are secret, not reported, and enormous. Southern Europe hit record temperatures and wildfires are burning around the Mediterranean.

From RUSSIA- On his program called Going Underground, Afshin Rattansi spoke with Vaughan Smith, founder of the Frontline Club, a center for independent journalists. They discuss the Biden administration's attempt to extradite Julian Assange.

"Although September 11 was horrible, it didn't threaten the survival of the human race, like nuclear weapons do."
--Stephen Hawking