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This weeks show features stories from NHK JAPAN, RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE, FRANCE 24, and RADIO HAVANA CUBA.

From JAPAN- Authorities have approved the plans for facilities and an underground tunnel to dump the waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean. Japan has experienced many rainfall records in the past week, up to 560 mm or 22 inches in a day, leading to floods and landslides. Drought conditions in Europe have worsened. In Japan Covid cases are surging at an unprecedented level. UN delegates are debating how to stop nuclear warfare from ever happening again. In the wake of Pelosi's controversial visit to Taiwan, China has launched military drills in the region, with 5 missiles landing in waters claimed by Japan.

From GERMANY- An analyst describes why the timing of Pelosi's Taiwan trip was very sensitive to the Chinese leadership, and how it will increase the militarization and economic conflict in the region. Then brief reports on Myanmar, forest fires in Portugal and Spain, womens groups in Chile are campaigning for a new constitution, and the first ship carrying grain from Ukraine is on its way to Lebanon.

From FRANCE- In Yemen the two month truce in fighting has been extended with a commitment to intensify negotiations to reach an expanded truce, though much of the deal is controversial.

From CUBA- Colombian VP-elect Francia Marquez met with former Bolivian President Evo Morales on her tour promoting a united and sovereign Latin America. There has been a Summit of Indigenous Peoples in Colombia concluded demanding that the humanitarian, economic, and environmental emergency of the indigenous people be immediately decreed. Indigenous Australian Green senator Lidia Thorpe blasted Queen Elizabeth 2 as a colonizing queen. Then a Viewpoint on the Supreme Court of the UK, which has denied Venezuela access to their gold reserves deposited in London- a judge explained that the UK recognizes Juan Guaido as President, not Nicolas Maduro.

"From pacifist to terrorist, each person condemns violence - and then adds one cherished case in which it may be justified."
--Gloria Steinem