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This weeks show features stories from FRANCE 24, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and NHK JAPAN.

From FRANCE- Giant oil corporations announced yet another quarter of record breaking profits- some countries are considering a temporary or windfall tax on the companies and some are establishing government refunds for consumers. Overshoot Day is the day of the calendar year when humans have consumed all the resources that the earth can generate for that year- every year it is becoming earlier and this year it was reached on July 28th- in 1970 it was reached on December 31st. The date is calculated by the Global Footprint Network, and a spokesperson for them explains the increasing threat and the search for alternatives. Due to a temporary cutback in gas supplies from Russia, EU members agreed to accept a 15% cutback in gas use from August to March.

From CUBA- A Viewpoint on the violent gang chaos in Haiti, saying it is the result of centuries of foreign intervention, large business consortiums, and NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations)- as well as the 2010 earthquake and last years presidential assassination. The first African woman Vice-President of Colombia, Francia Marquez, is touring other South American countries, talking about integration between nations. In the UK Palestinian supporters are disrupting work at companies manufacturing weapons for Israel. In NYC environmental activists declared a climate emergency as a climate clock moved from 7 years to 6.

From JAPAN- Troops in Taiwan are holding large-scale military exercises this week, and mainland China became very agitated. A group of Japanese lawmakers is calling on the government for a stronger response to recent executions by Myanmar's junta. Japan has become the worlds hotspot of Covid infections according to the WHO. Railway workers in Britain have staged a walkout for higher wages to match inflation.

"There are many people making a difference. I mean, Dr. King never held an office. Gandhi never held an office. There are people who are archetypes in our society who have never held office and made a difference."
--Dennis Kucinich