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This weeks show features stories from NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN, RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE, and RADIO HAVANA CUBA.

From JAPAN New Covid infections in Japan are at the highest level ever. Japanese anti-nuclear weapon activists have made 5 demands on the government ahead of a review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in New York. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says Western weapon shipments to Ukraine have led to expanded objectives in the war. Russian oil and gas sales to China have seriously increased to compensate for US led sanctions. The UK and other European countries experienced historical high temperatures this week, with many wildfires in the southern regions.

From GERMANY- A compilation of reports on the extreme temperatures and fires in Europe, highlighting the consequences of global warming. An interview with a meteorologist who says this weather is a preview of what is to come. Closed door climate change talks are underway in Berlin with 40 countries attending. A Swiss climate scientist affirms that this extreme heat is going to increase with global warming, unless immediate reductions in carbon use are implemented. A Climate Scientist says that the heat waves were predicted decades ago but not acted upon, and that human activity has brought it on.

From CUBA- Doctors and nurses with Extinction Rebellion are acting on the medical emergency caused by global warming. Mexican President Obrador sent Biden a personal letter defending Julian Assange and offering him protection. John Bolton, former National Security Advisor, bragged on CNN about his involvement in attempted coups, most notably Venezuela. Then a Viewpoint on Joe Biden's tour of the Middle East.

"Trying to be happy by accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger by taping sandwiches all over your body."
--George Carlin