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From JAPAN- The Japanese government issued an ominous white paper on the state of protectionism around the world. Pacific rim countries are holding fisheries conference to try to preserve remaining stocks of Pacific Saury, a Japanese delicacy. The Australian Broadcast Corporation is opposing federal police who want to fingerprint two of its journalists over leaks about Australian troops in Afghanistan. French President Macron announced a plan to create a military space command. A further leak from former British ambassador to the US Kim Darroch claims that Trump abandoned the Iran nuclear deal to spite his predecessor Barack Obama. Trump was quickly rebuffed by Iran after claiming they were open to new negotiations over its missile program.

From RUSSIA- On his program Going underground Afshin Rattansi interviewed Mohammad Marandi a professor at the University of Tehran. They spoke about EU foreign ministers meeting to find a way to deal with Trump's violation of the nuclear treaty with Iran. They discuss the British seizure of an Iranian oil tanker headed for Syria, the threats that Iran responded with, the proposed program to allow EU countries to trade with Iran by not using US dollars, and a meeting in Albania with Rudy Guiliani, Joe Lieberman, and the MEK, a militant Iranian group intent on overthrowing the Republic of Iran.

From GERMANY- Climate activists from Extinction Rebellion are continuing actions around Britain, while scientists in Canada report record temperatures in the world's northernmost settlement in the Arctic. There is widespread ice melting and unprecedented wildfires, as the Arctic Circle is warming much quicker than the rest of the planet. A seaside village in the north of Wales could be one of the first British communities to be evacuated due to climate change.

From CUBA- In Puerto Rico police are cracking down on protestors who are demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello whose sexist and homophobic texts were leaked to the press. Ecuador's campesinos and trade unions are on a five day strike to protest President Moreno's neo-liberal government. Brazilian President Bolsonaro announced he will appoint his son as ambassador to the US.

"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say."
-Edward Snowden