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This weeks show features stories from FRANCE 24, RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN.

From FRANCE- I do the final production for the SWR on Thursday morning and today Boris Johnson has resigned as PM of the UK- so the reports I had about the possibility that this might happen are going to be replaced by a survey of Johnson's political arc. Then a piece on what the US Supreme Court ruling on environmental protections might mean for a global effort to attain the Paris accords on climate change.

From GERMANY- Quick reports on an avalanche in Italy, repeating floods in Australia, fires in Spain, and drought in Europe. Then a report on European nations trying to come to terms with climate change. 40 degrees Celsius is 104 Fahrenheit. EU lawmakers voted to classify nuclear and gas power plants as sustainable investments, which many call greenwashing.

From CUBA- The Biden administration has decided to restart oil and gas leases on public lands in the US and environmental groups have responded with lawsuits. Bolivian President Arce has warned social organizations about the resurgence of the right wing sectors who plotted the 2019 coup d'etat against Evo Morales. Newly released video shows relative calm when Shireen Abu Akleh was murdered while covering Israeli military action in Palestine- the US says that there is no absolute evidence that an Israeli soldier fired the shot. Then a Viewpoint on the NATO meeting in Madrid- the peacekeeper role of the North American Treaty Organization is questioned, along with the European acceptance of the list of enemies written by Washington.

From JAPAN- The new South Korean president has directed the military to retaliate against any provocative actions by the North, and increased US military involvement. The WHO has warned that coronavirus infections are surging from new sub-variants. In Switzerland a pact was signed to divide up the reconstruction costs in Ukraine- Ukraine says it will cost $750 billion. The Dalai Lama had another birthday and some Indian leader helped to celebrate.

"Look around. Oil companies guzzle down the billions in profits. Billionaires pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries, and Wall Street CEOs, the same ones the direct our economy and destroyed millions of jobs still strut around Congress, no shame, demanding favors, and acting like we should thank them. Does anyone here have a problem with that?"
--Elizabeth Warren