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From GERMANY- The EU says that the negotiations to complete Brexit, the UK withdrawal from the EU, are not even halfway done. This week saw the deadliest border clash in 40 years between China and India, following Indian troops crossing the border and attacking. Trump's surprise announcement of troop reductions in Germany was followed by assurances that the US will support NATO nations.

From SPAIN- Alison Hughes reports on the video conference between the EU and US Secretary of State Pompeo concerning trans-Atlantic relations, the US withdrawing from the WHO, and the US support versus the EU opposition to Israeli annexation of Palestinian territory. Nationwide protests against the government in Lebanon have resumed following the lifting of Covid restrictions. An update on the situations in Syria, where poverty has gotten much worse- the Director of the UN World Food Program talks about food shortages becoming a catastrophe in many countries. Despite the chaos from the Covid crisis, Israel has launched dozens of bombing raids into Syria, claiming it is for self-protection.

From CUBA- There is a new petition drive to nominate the Cuban doctors and medical brigade working in dozens of Covid hotspots around the world for the Nobel peace prize. Covid cases and deaths are soaring in Latin America, with Brazil now the second worst hit country. Guatemala hospitals are on the brink of collapse. The European Court of Human Rights ruled that France violated the rights of pro-Palestinian activists campaigning for a global boycott of Israeli goods. John Bolton's book accuses Trump of not being strong enough on foreign policy for not attacking Iran and Venezuela.

From RUSSIA On his program called Going Underground, Afshin Rattansi spoke with actress/author Rose McGowan. She discusses what she calls the cult-like thinking and leadership that has taken over America, its control of the mass media, the uprising in America, genocide, and the current cultural reset.

"Because we cannot save ourselves without contesting oligarchic control, the fight for democracy and justice and the fight against environmental breakdown are one and the same. Do not allow those who have caused this crisis to define the limits of political action. Do not allow those whose magical thinking got us into this mess to tell us what can and cannot be done."
--George Monbiot