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This weeks show features stories from GOING UNDERGROUND and NHK JAPAN.

From GOING UNDERGROUND- Afshin just interviewed Seymour Hersh about who blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, cutting off gas supplies to Germany and causing the price of fuel to skyrocket globally. Hersh who revealed the My Lai massacre in 1970, for which he was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. His distinguished career includes articles on Henry Kissinger, and US torture and secret prisons in the Iraq war. In this interview Hersh explains how the US government detonated the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline last September, and the motives behind the attack. He also speaks about the initial rejection of his report on the My Lai massacre, of being accused of being a conspiracy theorist, and Edward Snowden.

From JAPAN- Japan announced plans to purchase 400 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the US. As Russia continues its war on Ukraine it claimed the US was planning a false flag operation with toxic materials, which the US says is disinformation. Foreign Ministers of the G20 nations met in India, did not find common ground, and did not conclude with a joint statement. The FBI director told Fox News that the novel Corona virus was probably leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan China.

"I always believe in truth. Sometimes I know truth others don't. That puts me in a little bit of jeopardy sometimes."
--Seymour Hersh