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From SPAIN- Alison Hughes begins with a report on the annual World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland. The theme of this years meeting is sustainability and the climate emergency, and began with Trump unsurprisingly denying the environmental crisis. Greenpeace presented facts about massive banking investments in fossil fuel and coal development rather than renewable energy. The Edelman Trust Barometer polled people globally whether capitalism does more harm than good. Five protestors and two police were killed in Iraq where daily demonstrations demanding early elections continue. Patrick Cockburn wrote about the persecution of the Shia minority who are seen as Iranian proxies- Sunni states like Saudi Arabia propagandize against Iran, blaming them for all discontent in the region.

From GERMANY- More reporting on the 50th World Economic Forum in Davos where there are strong divisions over both the economy and the climate. Trump lashed out at environmental activists like Greta Thunberg, with alliteration harking back to Spiro Agnew. Greta responded that time has run out to prevent catastrophic climate change and that partial conservation measures are failing. The new EU Commission President, Ursula von der Layen, spoke about her recently announced European Green Deal to replace the fossil fuel based model. Central Americans trying to migrate from Guatemala into Mexico were forcibly repelled by Mexican National Guard, responding to threats of tariffs from Trump.

From CUBA- The Venezuelan Foreign Minister has warned that the US maintains a permanent siege against Latin America and the Caribbean because it wants to seize natural resources and impose governments it can control. Over 600 indigenous leaders in Brazil issued a manifesto denouncing the genocide and ecocide planned by the far-right president Bolsonaro. In Puerto Rico protestors called for the resignation of Governor Wanda Vasquez after a video was posted showing a warehouse full of undistributed relief supplies.

"Because we cannot save ourselves without contesting oligarchic control, the fight for democracy and justice and the fight against environmental breakdown are one and the same. Do not allow those who have caused this crisis to define the limits of political action. Do not allow those whose magical thinking got us into this mess to tell us what can and cannot be done."
--Georges Monbiot