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This weeks show features stories from RADIO DEUTSCHE-WELLE, NHK JAPAN, RADIO HAVANA CUBA, and SPUTNIK RADIO.

From GERMANY- The United Kingdom is no longer be a member of the European Union after a long saga of delays and political grandstanding- much is uncertain about the practical consequences, but the possible exit of Scotland from the UK is a likely battle looming in the next year. The US announced tariffs on a range of goods from the EU, and Bitcoin continues to rapidly grow in value as western currencies teeter. Then a series of brief reports on Covid spreading at faster rates in Europe and vaccine news around the globe. There will be controversies over the rights of those who have been vaccinated and those who have not, with possible two tier societies. Brief reports from Peru, Syria, Yemen, and Argentina.

From JAPAN- Trump signed a bill saying that Chinese interference in the Dalai Lamas succession would be deemed a human rights violation. China and the EU have reached an agreement on a business investment deal, seven years in the works. A Chinese court handed down prison terms to 12 Hong Kong demonstrators who attempted to flee to Taiwan. A Saudi court sentenced a prominent womens rights activist to more than 5 years prison for seeking to change the political system.

From CUBA- The US is moving forward with more smart bomb sales to Saudi Arabia and allowing Raytheon to manufacture weapons overseas. Former Bolivian president Evo Morales has warned of another possible military coup in his country. Venezuelan President Maduro says Colombian mercenaries are planning attacks on his country's military.

From RUSSIA- Another excerpt from Afshin Rattansi's interview with journalist John Pilger. They talk about the death of Robert Fisk, one of the few freelance international journalists who reported from the ground in Syria and many other wars. He was disowned by many in the media after his death for going against the grain and challenging power.

"One of the reasons why I think people have gone from reading mainstream newspapers to the Internet is because they realize they're being lied to."
--Robert Fisk